Leaning Tower of Pancakes!

It turns out that we had another exciting Tuesday in the month of February, last week V-Day and yesterday Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day. (If you ask me February is turning out to be a baker’s haven!) All day on Twitter and Facebook people were updating their status about what they were going to drown their pancakes in, what trimmings they would have, and how excited they were to leave work and re-ignite their love with that sacred frying pan.

Flip it. Fold it. Roll it.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but surely eggs, flour, sugar and butter are available to purchase all year round? There are a handful of nations that truly appreciate the beauty of a pancake: A well known delicacy from France, famously known as the Crepe is eaten often, dusted lightly with sugar and spread with a thin layer of chocolate spread. Another famous pancake is the wafer thin Chinese pancake, wrapped around a spoonful of Peking duck, a sprinkling of cucumber and spring onion, and a few droplets of Hoi Sin sauce. Both of these delicacies are regularly devoured in their respective cultures. In fact, even places such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea have their own sweet and savoury adaptations of the pancake. (Note to self, learn how to make at least two of these pancakes in time for next year!)

During my last two years of University pancakes were a regular ‘necessity’ in the staple diet for my housemates and I. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that we had freshly made pancakes for breakfast or as a snack at least once a week. Our pancakes were nearly always smothered in ‘Aunt Jemima’s Maple Syrup’, chocolate sauce and a side of strawberries for the healthy kick! Even in my fragile-detoxing-state I’m dreaming ahead to the end of the week when I can treat myself to a well deserved birthday-breakfast, full of treats that soothe and massage my sweet tooth.

Behold, the leaning tower of pancakes!

Despite my week of discipline I still managed to rustle up a stack of ‘leaning pancakes’ for my friends (and I’m proud to say that I didn’t eat a single one!) I delivered them to a friend’s house yesterday evening only to find even more temptation surrounding me, (B’s famous ginger and nut cookies, not pictured). Again, I resisted the urge (I think an applause can be inserted here) and happily watched my friends inhale the pancakes!

Some six years ago on my first visit to NYC I got hooked on the American style pancakes, and I’ve haven’t looked back since. So I guess this wouldn’t be a post worthy of uploading if I didn’t supply the recipe. Bon Appétit.

Love & Pancakes,

Tracey xoxo


American Style Pancakes

140g/5oz plain flour

2tbsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

2tbsp caster sugar

3tbsp butter melted

225ml/8fl oz buttermilk/semi-skimmed milk

1 large egg

Optional: sunflower oil for oiling pan

Instructions: Pour the sugar and crack the egg into a bowl and whisk together until smooth. Meanwhile, melt the butter on a low heat and add to the pancake batter once melted. Place the flour, baking powder and salt into one bowl and sieve half of it over the batter. Whisk the entire batter and gradually add the milk and remaining flour in parts. If the batter appears too runny, then sieve in a little extra flour until it is a thicker consistency.

Grease the frying pan with a small drop of sunflower oil or butter, and use a ladle to pour a small amount of batter into the centre of the frying pan. Flip over the pancake when it begins to brown, or to your liking.

Serve with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs for the All-American feel; with a side a ripe and juicy berries for a healthy twist, or you can opt for the sugar-holics menu and serve with chocolate chips and maple syrup.

The foundations of the 'leaning masterpiece'

My work is done!


“Cakespiration” pt.I

Cookies & Cream Oreo cupcakes

The finished product: Cookies & Cream Oreo cupcakes

Perfect for satisfying the sweet tooth

As I inspire my readers to get acquainted with the mixing bowl and whisk, I also plan to share where my cakespiration stems from (Cake + Inspiration= Cakespiration). As part of my appreciation for my fellow cake lovers I’m starting a new blog-series called ‘cakespiration’, in which I hope to get you all viewing the cake tin as half full!

This week I want to draw your attention to one of my top three favourite baking shows- ‘Cupcake Wars.’ I discovered this show a year ago while surfing the cooking channels. This fiery battle of the cupcakes is a baking competition in which professional bakers (most of which own their own Cupcakery or Bakery) compete to be the caterer for various Hollywood events. For the most part, the bakers benefit because their Cupcakery/Bakery gains recognition among the celebrity circuit; but for the viewer, it’s an hour of pure baking anarchy!

The bakers are set a number of challenges and a contender gets knocked out at each round until the winner stands victorious. In one particular episode the opening challenge was to create a breakfast cupcake, it sounds simple enough until you hear what ingredients were provided: bacon, black pudding, cinnamon, fruits and tea bags! Only a baking magician could turn black pudding and bacon into a cake. That is exactly what these people are, pure baking genius. Bakers are given between 30-45mins to create a cupcake with impeccable presentation and of course a mouth-watering taste too.

What these bakers create is nothing short of amazing, and a standard that I crave to obtain. However, I must admit that after watching the show for the past year I have adopted a little kitchen hysteria! I recently took on the challenge of catering for a Youth Christmas party and I appointed my sister as assistant baker. It got to a point where she had to tell me to stop and calm down because we wren’t on Cupcake Wars! Needless to say, I threatened to fire her!

If you’re not a baking addict I can be certain that even the sceptical among you will get a kick out of Cupcake Wars. And for those of you who are joint at the hip to your recipe books, prepare to be amazed, inspired, and lured into my world of cake addiction.

Love & Cupcakes,

Tracey xoxo