Food Stories Award

Evening cake angels,

Tonight I’m writing a belated Award-post that I really should have posted earlier this summer! Despite my rogue memory it hasn’t taken away from the fact that I am overjoyed to have been given my second award this year. The award I’ve been given is called the Food Stories Award (For Excellence in Storytelling it was bestowed on me by a new blogger friend 

Firstly I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Terri for the nomination; this is only my second award but I feel like it’s my first. I honestly feel like one of those blubbering Actors struggling to give an acceptance speech at the Oscars: “I’d like to thank God… and my parents… and my sisters, gosh I love those girls… and of course all of my amazing followers. You guys got me to where I am today. You are the wind beneath my wings; the cinnamon in my apple crumble, and the frosting to my cupcakes. Without you there would be no blog :’) ”  All jokes aside, thank you. I am extremely grateful that my hobby is recognised as being worthy of an award.

The rules of this award stipulate that I must thank my ‘nominator’, reference back to the award website, highlight a random thing about myself and nominate others.

Random Fact: I  know every single word to the movie ‘Save The Last Dance.’ Say what you will about contemporary dance movies, but THIS is one of the greatest dance movies of all time.

Nominees: I follow a variety of blogs, from photography, baking, Art and parody. This award is food based so I’ve had to narrow down my choices. “…And the nominees are…”

  1. Jen Maan in Amman; I love the rustic, home-made feel behind this blog, from the Itty Bitty Apple pies to the Easter Bunny Buns and Ginger Bread houses. This blog mirrors the home-made-recipe-feel that I also try to embody in my blog posts. Good job! 
  2. I’ll Have the Works;  Is a new blog on the block that I’ve literally just discovered. Another homely blog, on the road to catering-stardom. I love what you’ve done so far, and I know how scary it is to be the new kid on the block, so here’s an Award to boost you into a blogging high!
  3. NR11: English Kitchen Baking; Here’s another new blog that I’ve recently discovered. I’m handing this award to N11 not only for the quality and precision of  blog posts, but also the presentation of the baking, and amazing photography. Go follow this blog and be inspired!
  4. Easy baked; Is a blog that caught my eye during this Christmas period; make sure you check out the Christmas recipes in particular, the presentation is enough  to make you drool all over yourself!
  5. Things My Belly likes; This blog is an ol’ fave of mine. I’ve been following this blog for almost a year now, and I’m always in awe of the authenticity of the recipes. Okay so I may be cheating a little because this blog isn’t strictly about baking, but it’s far too good to surpass. 

So there you have it cake angels, I have achieved two blog awards this year and I have you guys to thank for it. Keep reading, keep baking and keep sharing!

Love & Cupcakes,

Tracey xoxo

Marble cake and summer fruits :)

Marble cake and summer fruits :)