Baking Tips

Baking tips

I thought it would be useful to include a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the past few years of my baking journey. I recognise what a huge difference it has made to the end result of my bakes, so I hope it helps you too…

  • Leave the butter out of the fridge for of 40mins-1hr before baking. It’s easier to whisk butter at room temperature.
  • Always sieve flour over a mixture as it removes the lumps and makes whisking faster.
  • Avoid over-whisking a mixture as it will cause the cake to curdle. Whisk ingredients for just a few seconds-1min at a time.
  • Add a little flour to the mixture as you add each egg individually- this will also prevent the cake from curdling.
  • If making a Victoria Sponge (or any other sandwich) cake, put the other half of the  mixture in the fridge while the first cake bakes. Leaving mixture out in a hot kitchen can cause it to overheat and curdle.
  • Depending on how sweet your sweet tooth is, consider reducing the sugar measurements to free yourself from the guilt of calories. And if your Mother is anything like mine, she’ll be breathing down your neck as you bake, jeering that you’re making a recipe for diabetes! Save yourself the hassle.
  • Allow the cake to cool down before turning it onto a wire rack. I’ve spent many a times weeping over cakes that broke in half because I was too eager to try and defy the odds!

Happy Baking! xoxo

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