Introductions have never been my forte, it’s like starting an essay: ‘In this essay I aim to address the following issues…’ *shudders*

Hola! Aloha! Bonjour! Hello, my name is Tracey and I’m a cake-a-holic. I have no shame in admitting this because I don’t think it’s that much of an issue. Who’s to say that baking fresh cakes once, twice or thrice a week constitutes an issue? Not me. I think if you have a gift use it, and if it’s edible then eat it too!

I only started baking in the past three-five years, stopping and starting because I didn’t have the patience, nor the skill, to produce the “perfect cake”. I grew up in a family of bakers (only one member of my family bakes for a profession, the others just bake for pleasure) so was forever surrounded by home-made delicacies. As a kid I would love to watch my Dad or Grandma bake, with a look of peace and satisfaction spread across their face. I saw how calm they were whilst baking, and their gleeful expressions as they watched everyone devour the final master piece; back then I was only ever interested in watching the baker and maybe even asking a question or two, but as I grew up I too wanted to be a part of this elite bakers’ society. My best baking has developed in the past two years while I finished my degree at University, and so the story continues…  

I’ve been dreaming about starting a blog for well over a year, so here I am attempting to make myself known on the blogosphere. (N.B. I don’t mean that in the obsessive, needy way!) I love to write, I love to bake and I’m sure you’ve guessed I love to eat too : ) For me, writing is a form of release, it expresses and unleashes that which can’t be verbally spoken.  Similarly to a journal in which I write my mistakes and successes, I want to use this blog to document my cake success stories, mistakes and recommendations. So here I am combining a few of my ardent loves, hoping to bring some daily cake lovin’ right your way.

{I don’t want to bore you by relaying facts about my life, but I’m sure that you’ll get a taster of who I am through the individual blog posts. So what are you waiting for, read a post! }

I like to think that I’m super friendly so leave me comments, email or tweet, and ask me anything!


Tweet me: @trace_cupcake89

Love & Cupcakes,

Tracey xoxo

Rocky Road cupcakes

Love Life. Love Cake.

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