Pancake Party

Happy Pancake day/Shrove Tuesday!

Once again one of my favourite baking-days has shown its face, and what a beautifully satisfying day it has been.

I just so happened to recall writing a Pancake day post last year, and promising myself that I would learn a completely new pancake, the Chinese pancake. I’m sad to say that I wasn’t even remotely close to finding or attempting this recipe. But rest assured it’s on my baking-to-do-list (some day).

Today I rustled up a stack of ye ol’ faithful American pancakes, but switched it up a little and added blueberries. Growing up I never used to like blueberries, but like many taste buds mine evolved over time. Whilst tucking into these rich, buttery, fruity pancakes I’m wondering why I didn’t consider blueberries sooner. The pancakes remained light in texture and the blueberries softened under the heat of the frying pan, forming a fruity jus.

As I took a bite of my first blueberry pancake I expected the blueberries to be completely soggy… but  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they remained firm on the outside, and burst like mini fireworks as I bit into them!

[Side note, I have to say, my presentation was a bit sloppy. I almost lost control of the free spirited little beauties as they rolled all about the pan! But alas, the taste was superb so I’ll allow the presentation to slip, just this once.]

Love, Pancakes & Maple syrup,

Tracey xoxo