Jolly Jubilee!

As with most things in life I like to take my time, hence why this post is three weeks late!

Earlier this month the UK celebrated the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee. The UK took patriotism (real word?) to a whole new level with Union Jack flags draped over cars; clothes and accessories were adorned with the faces of the Royal family, and we were lucky enough to have a four-day-weekend of fun-filled festivities!


It rained for the most part of the weekend but this did not stop the nation from gathering to watch the Thames water Pageant and the Jubilee concert, which featured the likes of Dame Shirley Bassey, a rather raunchy Grace Jones, the legend that is Stevie Wonder, Kylie Minogue and Ed Sheeran to name a few.

Face painting at the Jubilee party

Jubilee baking

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I was most excited about the food! The nation had planned to have street parties and barbeques but the bad disgusting weather meant the fun got moved indoors. My Mother had the food aspect covered and so I was delegated with the dessert- I spent eight hours baking traditional British Scones, Victoria Sponge cakes and Carrot cakes (Recipes to follow in due course) for our Jubilee Party. Scones and Victoria Sponge in particularly, are widely associated with British tea parties and I thought they would be perfect for this jubilant occasion. Other guests brought muffins, cupcakes, sandwich cakes and cookies; it was the perfect fix for my sweet tooth. I’ll let the photos speak for them self. God Save the Queen.

Love & Angel cake,

Tracey xoxo


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