An Ode to my Parents

Today is my parent’s 24th Wedding Anniversary, and I thought it would be a beautiful tribute to dedicate a blog post to them…

In this day and age finding a married couple is like gold dust- a friend of mine recently told me that when he was in his final year of school, just seven years ago, there were only 4 people in his class (out of 28 pupils) that had parents who were still married and living together. I’m very pro-marriage, and I’m blessed to be surrounded by many married couples in my family and friendship circle. My Grandparents were married for 52yrs before my ‘Grampa’ passed away, and I was blessed to have been at their 50th Anniversary celebration. But today is my parent’s day, the day that I applaud them for being such beautiful role models, and for raising three amazing daughters- believe me when I say I’m being modest!

I wouldn’t do this blog post justice if I didn’t talk about their wedding cake… The cake was six tiers and smothered in a smoth, white, fondant icing. It was laden with light-pink fondant roses, and thick, satin-bow ribbons at the bottom of each tier. The upper layer of the cake was topped with a small flower arrangement in place of the traditional Bride and Groom figurines. It was the perfect cake to match my Mother’s frilly, lacey, feminine ’80s wedding gown.

Fruit cake is my least favourite cake, partly for the raisins and sultanas, but each to their own, they like what they like and it is a traditional choice for a wedding cake. As far as I know, my parents still have the top tier of their wedding cake in the freezer; the useful thing about fruit cake is that the rum preserves it for months, and sometimes even years after. I know a number of friends who have frozen their wedding cake and thaw it out on their anniversary to eat a slice. Again, each to their own! With my recent discovery of Red Velvet cake I’m pretty sure this will be the cake of choice. My future husband has little  no choice in the matter. I want what I want.

For my married readers: what type of wedding cake did you have, and for my unmarried readers: what type of cake do you picture yourself having and why?

Love & Wedding cake,

Tracey xoxo




4 thoughts on “An Ode to my Parents

  1. It’s funny. As I was reading this I was thinking about my wedding cake and I can’t remember exactly what kind of cake it was. What I do remember is that I insisted on having fresh flowers as a cake topper and as cake decorations. We saved the top tier of our cake and ate a bite from it on our first anniversary. Needless to say, it wasn’t the freshest or tastiest leftover we’ve ever eaten, but it must have been good luck because we’ve been married for almost 17 years.

    Great post!

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