Farewell Twenty Eleven!

It’s that exciting time of year again. New Years Eve. The beauty of NYE brings forth countless emotions- for some, it may be the excitement of having a fresh start and rectifying mistakes; for others it may bring a sense of peace, knowing that you will never see the year 2011 again! And yet still, others may be looking back with a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the collage of memories that have been harvested over the past year. 

As I wave goodbye to the delectable foods, cakes and bakes of 2011, I also raise my glass to the new. However you choose to spend NYE, be grateful for every blessing that was passed your way, and be expectant that ‘the best is yet to come’. (Frank Sinatra)

Happy New Year!

Love & Cupcakes,

Tracey xoxo

Farewell Twenty Eleven

'Til next year

Vanilla sponge cupcakes

Two blogs that I recommend you read in the new year:

4 thoughts on “Farewell Twenty Eleven!

  1. I am a sweet tooth but I don’t know how to bake. I want to but I’m kind of scared to do so. And besides, we don’t have an oven for such. :( But at least, I get to see what you do and feel the happiness of baking. :) Thank you. ♥

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