Tastes Like Christmas

Christmas Eve: Festive jumper and baking books at the ready.

Christmas Eve: I wrapped up the last of the family gifts.

Christmas Eve: Gifts under the tree

Christmas Day: The meat section!

Dessert is served: my famous carrot cake

A beautiful ending to the Christmas feast.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Or should I say, Merry belated Christmas… I had planned to make a post on Christmas Eve and Christmas day itself but I couldn’t tear myself away from all the mouth watering food and my excitable family ; )

Although Christmas day has been and gone I like to think that my Christmas doesn’t end until New Year’s Eve. So that means comfy clothes, with room to expand the waistline; mixing bowl ready to do more baking, and be prepared to laugh so hard I ‘improve’ my six pack!

Every year in my family a different household hosts Christmas day (+Christmas Eve), and it usually alternates between my Aunts and Uncles. This year my immediate family did the hosting and I sat down with my Mum last week to plan the menu. My family are of Ghanaian origin so we had a few traditional treats up our sleeve:

Christmas Eve

Jollof rice / BBQ + Jerk chicken wings / Salad / Banana cupcakes with maple+cream cheese frosting.

Christmas Day

Leg of Lamb / 3 Bird Roast: Chicken wrapped in Duck, wrapped in Turkey / Salmon / Roast potatoes / Steamed vegetables / Gravy / Chicken stew / Boiled rice / Coleslaw / Home-made sausage bites with pepper dip

Carrot Cake / Merry Sherry trifle

I’m sure you can see that my Christmas was more than satisfactory. My belly was full, my sweet tooth satisfied, and the Christmas feast mission was accomplished.

Hope you all had a fantastic time!

Love & Cupcakes,

Tracey xoxo

4 thoughts on “Tastes Like Christmas

  1. Graceita says:

    Tracey your real name should really be Traceylicious!!!

    You never fail to surprise me! I absolutely love this yummy blog and I will certainly be vising it on a regular basis. I think this is a wonderful idea and I hope you stick with it!!! It will be nothing less than amazing and then you can collect all your recipes and make your own book!!!



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