Sweet ‘n’ Zesty

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!  What a beautiful thing to celebrate the Superwomen in our lives – and what better way to do it than with a spot of tea and cake! My Mother requested a plain Vanilla Sponge cake, but I also surprised her with a new recipe, a Classic Cherry Cake…   A loaf […]

Flippin’ Frenzy!

Happy Pancake day! It’s my third favourite day of the year, after Christmas and my birthday! Now, you must understand that the depth of love I have for pancakes is the type of love that most people have for pizza. (As you may have seen throughout my blog, pancakes are a regular part of my […]

Sweet Like Chocolate!

Happy Monday! I realise that not everyone appreciates Monday, seeing as it’s the day that tears us away from our beloved weekends, so I thought what better way to cheer you up than with a new blog post :) It’s about time  I ventured away from the ordinary cake life and started trying something a […]

Pastries in Paris

Bonsoir mon petit Croissants, I come to you this evening with another belated blog update from my recent travels. One of the beautiful things about living in the UK is that we are just a few hours away from so many amazing European cities. You may have guessed from my greeting that the journey I am […]


The end of February is nigh, and another birthday has passed. Another year wiser. … This month I celebrated my quarter of a century milestone, and what a celebration it was!  A weekend surrounded by friends, family and rich foods, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The dessert-celebrations began three days before my actual […]


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